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06 April 2008 @ 03:22 pm
tea for 2 and 2 for tea, me for u and u for me  


how are y'all doing? I thought I'd try to make an entry the way I used to do them on the good ole powerpoint...except in html format. idk if this will work but I shall try.
boredom ftl as we all know, that's why lj is here to save the day!

what do you think of these shoes?

I think they're hot and I really want a pair.
Check out www.peeptoeshoes.com.au because their shoes are magical~
why you so fine Chuck/British Ed? and omg his red coat is so lovely O.O
(source: justjared)
aaand what do you think of this? idk polyvore is all sorts of amazing, even if I probably won't own 95% of all the beautiful clothes they have on there :[

and here is some GSBS (Gabe Saporta Being Shirtless)...or partly shirtless in this pic, because we all know that shirtless Gabe is even better than Gabe with a shirt imo.

ENJOY Z!Z'ers and also recommend me music/movies/books because I am an addict for all of that stuff :]

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